5 🌟 Client Review:


It had been years since I had an active fitness and deep tissue massage like what I experienced with Patricia. I came to the session with a few areas I knew were tight or constrained (whiplash in shoulders, uneven mobility in hips, etc) but through the full body massage, several others were identified and released. Patricia checked in throughout the massage to gauge the right amount of pressure and to make sure I was comfortable as she focused on areas that were blocked or tight. It was a partnership as I aimed to breathe and relax into allowing more space that Patricia could enable within my range of motion. I felt taller, less stiff in certain areas and enhanced muscle engagement for days after the session.


The second part of my session with Patricia focused on energy and chakra balancing. I’d wanted to try this for years but never had the right time, place, and person to make it happen. I found the time and effort to be transformative, as I moved through different layers of awareness in a metaphysical and imaginative experience.


After leaving the massage and chakra balancing session, I could distinguish a noticeable difference in the pace of internal mental chatter (self-talk) as well as more refined ability to listen to my own intuition and greater trust on noticing the loop between mind and heart. As life events evolved over the next weeks, I was also sensitive to shifts in my chakra energy and more attuned on how to navigate accordingly. I would highly recommend Patricia and the wide range of body and energy work she offers to anyone looking for a tune-up whether physical or otherwise.

Brian J    Jacksonville, FL

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