1hr   $80

90min   $100

Custom Massage


Strong Body   Quiet Mind   Awakened Soul

 as multidimensional beings, holistic health is body~mind~soul

I don't know about you, but one of the worst things in the world is to pay for a massage and leave feeling like you need a massage! Or when your therapist is so predictable you know every move they are going to make before they make it...
No cookie-cutter massage here!
This is not your typical massage and I am not your typical therapist...this is not just a massage; it is an experience. I am a body-reader, a true bodyworker in both practice and lifestyle. Read more about my bodywork background here.
Some of the modalities I am trained and skilled in include:
You can add these on individually or choose and eclectic mix, the session varies each time according to your needs. *Hot towels are included in every massage.

Strong Body   Quiet Mind   Awakened Soul

 as multidimensional beings, holistic health is body~mind~soul


Energy Work 

1 hour  /   $77

Everything is energy!  Once we realize this as the basic premise of all existence, it will demystify certain new age and even quantum science terms.


Just as everyone has a physical body, we also have an energy (or Light) body (we are just not taught about it or how to develop it).


Consider that we are energetic beings giving off an electromagnetic pulse that can be detected by such devices as an electrocardiogram (EKG) or electroencephalogram (EEG) which measure the energetic output of the heart and brain.


This energy field that surrounds the body requires care and maintenance just as everything in life does. 


Consider your body as a multidimensional instrument, a quantum guitar, if you will. Just as a guitar needs to be tuned after several hours of playing, our bodies also need "re-tuning."


This takes the judgement out of being sick or out of balance. All that means is that you a have been playing your instrument. There is nothing wrong with that!


And now we have the opportunity to take responsibility for keeping our instrument in tune by learning what it takes to do so. Health is our true wealth and divine birthright. It is also how we empower ourselves.

Energy Sessions are typically a blend of progressive relaxation techniques, Reiki and crystal work that helps clear and align the energy field. Each session is always guided by you and your needs for that moment. All Power is found in the Present.


The session is an alchemical container designed to clear out stagnant and stuck energy, filling the bodies with Light and correcting the spin so you can go out and play your Soul's song in harmony with that One Song we call the Uni-verse.


Integrative Bodywork

2hrs   $144

Full tune-up! In this session we begin with an hour massage to relax the mind and flush out the physical layer. Then we address the subtle bodies with a full hour of energy work. 

Soul Embodiment Reading


"Astrologers will eventually be divided into two classes: the exoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the horoscope of the personality, and the esoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the purposes of the soul."

​ Alice Bailey

Using your personal energetic signature we take a look at your true sidereal natal chart along with your personal numerology, Galactic Signature, and two Oracle readings.

Curious of the cost? Unlike most typical Western astrologers, I do not use a computer generated interpretation of your chart. This means that I personally go through your natal chart which requires intimate focus. This goes for the numerology as well. I personally convert your numbers along with their corresponding delineations. This is time consuming and usually takes at least a day, if not more. After gathering all the maps for your personal energy signature, we then go over them to find the key themes and threads of continuity. This gives you a comprehensive look at several systems that begin to form a complete picture that will help guide you on your path to Soul Embodiment.

Readings usually last about 2 hrs so please set aside the appropriate time when booking.

If nothing changes, nothing changes...

Follow-ups  &  Soul Coaching

$144  90min

Change can be scary, confusing and isolating...but it doesn't have to be once we have proper perspective and, maybe,  a little help with our blind-spots keeping us from that perspective. 

One of my spiritual gifts is the Gift of Encouragement. I'm a natural born cheerleader for Humanity and I want nothing more than to see people free! Free in their body to move, live and have their being, free in their minds to create the life they want, free in their hearts to Love with abandon, and free in their Soul to be who they came to be.


Through connection and intuition, I can help with the resistance and sticky-ness that come with true change. The fact is that we are evolving spiritually and nothing can stop that, but you don't have to do it alone and sometimes it helps to have a forerunner, someone who has been "blazing the trail" to offer some assistance on the Path.

Ultimately, my only job is to point you in the direction of the one who knows all from within...your true Self!

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