Custom massage brought right to you! I integrate all modalities suited your session. Choose an eclectic mix of deep tissue, trigger point & myofacial work, isolated sports stretching and Thai massage, manual traction, progressive muscle relaxation and more! The session varies each time according to your needs. No cookie cutter massage here! I am a true bodyworker. This is not just a massage; it is an experience.

90min  /   $144

Integrative Bodywork


Strong Body   Quiet Mind   Awakened Soul

 as multidimensional beings, holistic health is body~mind~soul

Chakra Balancing & Energy Work

1 hour  /   $77

Just as a guitar needs to be tunes after several hours of playing, our energy centers also need re-tuning. Just like everything else, our energy centers require maintenance. I use progressive muscle relaxation & breathing techniques, along with percussion sounds & Reiki to induce alpha and theta brainwave state which allows the body-mind to release tension and increase an overall sense of well being. Then we open each energy center and clear out stagnant and stuck energy, filling the center with light and correcting the spin so you can go out and play your Soul's song in harmony with that One Song we the Universe.


Soul Embodiment Reading

2 hours     $144

"Astrologers will eventually be divided into two classes: the exoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the horoscope of the personality, and the esoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the purposes of the soul."

​ Alice Bailey


Using your personal energetic signature we take a look at you true sidereal natal chart along with your personal numerology, Galactic Signature, and two Oracle readings. The readings usually last about 2 hrs so please set aside the appropriate time when booking.

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