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"A Man Can Change His Stars"

Updated: Jan 15

True Sidereal Astrology

True Sidereal Astrology

You may have heard of the infamous 13th sign of the zodiac that made a debut only to be scorned for bumping everyone out of what they believe is their sun sign. This has caused many people to reject the astronomical fact of our earth's ecliptic path, which moves organically with the precession of the equinoxes, completely ignoring and omitting other constellations that the sun and our extended family, the other planets in our solar system, travel through along their path around the sun. When we consider that astrology is based on transmissions from the constellations, it makes sense to take into account where the planets are in the current sky. You will be surprised to see that almost every astrology report is actually incorrect when looking at the actual location of the planet's zodiac position.

Western (Tropical) astrology uses a geocentric model based on the seasons which cuts the constellations up into twelve perfect thirty-day slices, but that is not what is occurring in the actual live sky. That system was relevant approximately two thousand years ago but the earth's rotational axis has shifted since then and now this system is off 24 degrees! For instance, the sun spends more like 45 days in the constellation of Virgo, and roughly 2 weeks in Scorpio.

This makes a difference as to which zodiac is "flavoring" our personality and can profoundly shift someone's natal chart. For example, I do have many traits of a Gemini nature, especially in the realms of communication and thought. This was reconciled in my new-found Taurus sun sign through the placement of my north node in the 3rd house of communication, which is ruled by Mercury/Gemini. There is of course a certain amount of overlap and bleed-through using any system of divination, and no one is ever pin-pointed in infinity...

A man can always change his stars

And this brings me to a pivotal point about the power of belief. If we have believed we were, say, a Gemini for most of our adult life and then discovered that we were actually Taurus, the initial reaction may be to reject the "truth" of our current revelation, as was the case in my first encounter with 13sign astrology. I was a bit attached to my sun sign and had to dissolve some ego-barriers before I was willing to adjust. This was an experiential shift in how we create ourselves from our notions of who we think we are, and that we can re-create by shifting our beliefs. Remember what Louise Hay said about belief - A belief is only a thought we keep thinking, and a thought can be changed.

My approach to a natal chart is a bit different than typical Western astrology or even Vedic sidereal. First I cast a chart according to true sidereal sky that includes the constellation of Ophiucus. The method I use to derive soul path is found through the ascendant and the north and south nodes. After getting an idea of where the soul is going (north node) we can begin to hone out clues and directions using other activity in the chart, then follow those clues and look for synchronicity with the other modalities. These are all really just road maps and pointers along the way. My job is to show you a road & point out possible pit falls and short-cuts to help you see your blind spots, along with your hidden gems, from an unbiased and neutral position.

If you would like to learn more about 13sign astrology and your place in it, please contact me for a reading by sending an email to, or text or call 904 258 5862.

Embodying the Soul's evolution is the purpose of esoteric astrology.

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