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Love What You Do!

Greetings! and welcome to my bodywork bio,


Bodywork is not just a job for me, this is my life!


I started lifting weights with a team in Jr. high and I continued through college. I think that really set the foundation for my frame and bodywork journey.

I became keenly interested in nutrition and detoxing from the barrage of poisons and toxins in our food supply and general lifestyle, waking up to the stark fact that our health is our responsibility.


My journey into yoga began as a supplement to martial arts training. I was learning  traditional Japanese kata and began competitive kick-boxing which was making my body a bit too "boxy." So began the practice of yoga to lengthen out my muscles and I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with a powerful combination of strength, focus and flexibility, an all-in-one practice for sure!


Recognizing this was an inexhaustible resource for health and well-being, I took teacher training through Hatha Yoga School for Teachers in Orlando, Fl and in 2009 became certified to teach in the Integral Style.


While in training I noticed that my hands would spontaneously heat up and itch and I was guided to attune to the Reiki vibration (rei = universal life-force and ki = energy Japanese, just like chi = energy in Chinese and prana in sanskrit) and went through Reiki 1 & 2.


Once I saw that I could direct healing energy I wanted to put it into practice and was informed that we could not practice Reiki in Florida with out a license to touch, which then led me to seek out a massage therapy program in my area, and I have been licensed by the Florida Board of Health since 2011.


Since 2011 until now time I have been practicing therapeutic massage and bodywork and have achieved a level of mastery in my field as I continue to grow and learn, both from the continuing education that all licensed therapists are required to maintain, and from “The Book of Man" and the "Book of Nature;"knowing  we humans have been given all we need right inside of us and we only have to pay attention to the universal laws operating right within our beautiful bodies!


I am passionate about the freedom that comes from taking responsibility for our personal health and well-being. I will continue to serve in the capacity I have been given and hope that opportunity includes you.



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