Modality Descriptions

Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger points are painful spots in the muscle that radiate locally and can refer pain from other points of the body. They can be detected and released through manual manipulation.


Isolated Sports Stretching

Full body routine that uses passive stretching (i do the work) to increase flexibility, lubricate the joints and soften deep connective tissue, releasing tension and stiffness, allowing for greater range of motion. This work is typically done in loose or stretchy gym clothing for a full session.  Add a 30min for $30 mini session to other massage services if you just want spot-treatment (just neck and shoulders, hips only, etc...).

90min for $90

60min for $60

30min for $30

Deep Tissue & Myofacial Release

Using leverage, skill, and strength to access areas requiring more focused work in order to reset the fibers to their original resting length, providing relief from tension and discomfort in the soft tissue structures.



Therapeutic application of essential oils for relief of pain, depression, anxiety and more. There is real science behind Aromatherapy and I apprenticed under vetted-Vintage Aromatherapist and herbalist, Doreen Deserres for 5years learning the art of essential oil application.  Cost varies according oil (some precious oils cost up to $3 a drop!) and application (acupressure, reflexology, meridian) This is a custom blend made just for your service.



Similar to acupuncture in that we are stimulating meridians (electric circuit board of the body) but with finger pressure instead of needle point. Also helps to re-leave acute, chronic pain almost instantly using a particular technique applying the Law of Opposites where the mirror location of pain is treated first using the pain-point system until the pain is brought down to 2 or lower. Surprisingly effective and you can do this at home.

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as necessitated 


Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is like a guided meditation for your whole body. I was trained specifically in this during my certification in Integral Yoga, a lineage brought from Swami Satchidananda (Truth-Knowledge_Bliss), and admonished by both Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Oz. In this technique, we  go through each muscle group, first bringing awareness to the area and then systematically tightening and loosening each muscle, triggering neuro-response from brain to body part allowing for more substantial release. This usually takes 10-15min and is typically done at the beginning of the session, allowing the muscles and mind to deeply relax before beginning the session.  Excellent addition to Reiki treatment.



Basically, negative pressure, using suction to pull the fibers apart instead of kneading them.  I use silicon moving cups (so they don't leave deep marks) that I use like a vacuum after manual manipulation. I feel it lifts out impurities while adding the extra length to the muscle fibers.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a treatment to reduce swelling for post-op, lymphodema, or injury where edema is occurring. Very relaxing, uses light touch to avoid breaking vessels that pump the lymph to drainage sites in the body.  Coupled with Reiki is a soothing experience that speeds up healing, reducing recovery time.

Hot Stones

Used to heat the tissue and increase circulation, hot stones are soothing and effective. I use them as tools to 'scrape" areas of hypertension (muscle "knot") when added to a deep tissue massage.

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as necessitated

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