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Put Your Body in Good Hands

Integrative Massage & Bodywork

Patricia Freck, LMT


The Body is the Instrument that Plays the Soul's Song

As humans we have been given all we need right inside of us and we only have to pay attention to the universal laws already at work within our beautiful bodies!


I am passionate about the freedom that comes from taking responsibility for our personal health and well-being, and I will continue to serve in the capacity I have been given as I encourage as many as I can toward holistic health and true Self-empowerment.





 "Patricia's enthusiasm and passion come through in her reading. At times, I felt that she was acting as a conduit through which Spirit was communicating in a loving and powerful manner. She also takes her time to explain things and is never rushed. I was so touched by her reading that I referred her to my husband who had an equally powerful experience. Her reading helped me break through some heavy barriers that were blocking me, and I am tremendously grateful!"

Nancy R.

Jacksonville Beach, FL

If you live in the Jacksonville area, please feel free to visit me inside the Yoga Den Studio of Mandarin. You can also download the Yoga Den app to view and schedule online. Make sure you choose the Mandarin location.
tel: 904 258 5862
email: Patricia@face2soul.com

 God Sovereign Free!

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